When Might You Need a Property Insurance Intermediary?

The nearest many householders get to a property insurance broker is logging on to a price comparison site and checking who offers the cheapest policy. However, for those who actually invest in property – whether commercial or residential – the situation is rather more complicated. Here Maunder Taylor, a property insurance intermediary with clients in […]

Rebuild Insurance cost

The Importance of Rebuild Costs in Business Insurance

One of the key elements in any commercial insurance policy is the rebuild costs. Here Maunder Taylor, who provide business insurance services in Whetstone, Totteridge and the surrounding area, explain why. What Are Rebuild Costs? Rebuild costs are defined as ‘the amount it would cost to rebuild if it were destroyed’, such as by fire […]

Property valuation London

Key Factors Affecting the Price of Commercial Property Insurance

If you are a commercial property owner or landlord, one of the key areas you will have to consider is your insurance. If you are over-insured, then you’re probably paying too much for your premium, and if you don’t have enough cover, then chances are that any settlement won’t cover the cost of reinstatement. Here […]

Key Elements of Landlord and Managed Buildings Insurance

Key Elements of Landlord and Managed Buildings Insurance

As a new landlord or letting agent, you will soon find out that insuring a managed property is a completely different matter to purchasing cover for your own home. Maunder Taylor are estate agents who specialise in residential property management in and around London. Here we identify some of the extra elements which can form […]