At Maunder Taylor, we like to be transparent from the start. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service that you have received from us for whatever reason, it is important that you tell us about it so that we can put it right. Please note that the procedure set out below specifically relates to our Residential Management Department, and for all of our other services please contact our Whetstone office and request a copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure.

Our Complaints Handling Procedure

If you have a complaint, then this note sets out the procedure that we will follow in dealing with that complaint. Before our complaints handling procedure is triggered, the resolution of all complaints will be attempted by the member of staff concerned with the particular matter in hand.

  1. All complaints which remain unresolved by the member of staff concerned will be dealt with by a Partner of the firm or Head of Department.
  2. Where your complaint is initially made orally, you will be requested to send a written summary of your complaint to the person dealing with it.
  3. Once we have received your written complaint, we will acknowledge receipt and inform you of our understanding of the circumstances leading to your complaint within three working days.
  4. Within fifteen working days of receipt of your written complaint, the person dealing with your complaint will write to you in order to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and to let you know what actions have been or will be taken.
  5. If the complainant is still not satisfied after the last stage of the in-house complaints procedure, or more than 8 weeks has elapsed since the complaint was first made, then the complainant can take the matter up with their chosen ombudsman without charge.

For private clients this is through:

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43 – 55 Milford Street
Wiltshire SP1 2BP
Telephone: 01722 333306

For corporate clients this is through:

RICS Dispute Resolution Service
55 Colemore Row
B3 2AA
Telephone: 020 7334 3806

Brilliant company and cannot give them a high enough recommendation. Bruce Maunder Taylor is highly professional and extremely knowledgable. Bruce is a diplomate and looks for the most professional outcome without the need for any unwanted dispute. A real gentleman with a can do attitude.
B. Smith, London