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The RPI and the CPI – Why the Proposed Changes Matter in the Property Market

One of the many financial changes which is being proposed by the Government is the realignment of the various inflation figures – specifically, the Retail Prince Index and the Consumer Price Index. Here Maunder Taylor, who offer lease renewals advice in and around London, explain the various abbreviations, and outline why these changes could have […]

Lease Renewals

Key Differences Between Protected and Unprotected Leases

Most – but not all – business leases are protected by security of tenure. However, there are still some leases which are ‘unprotected’, which has ramifications for both the landlord and tenant. Maunder Taylor offer business lease renewals advice to clients in Barnet, and across North London and Hertfordshire. Here we explain the difference between […]

Lease Renewals

Key Factors in Dealing with Defective Leases

In the UK, large volumes of homes are being built and sold on a leasehold basis due to the limited space available for new developments. This could become an even bigger problem as the Government looks to relax the planning rules in a bid to boost the house-building sector of the economy. However, this can […]

Business Lease Renewals

Business Lease Renewals – Knowing Your Legal Position

The current uncertainty caused by the outbreak of coronavirus has put commercial leases in the spotlight. Here Maunder Taylor, who provide business lease renewals advice for customers in Barnet, Potters Bar and many other North London locations, look at why it’s essential that both landlords and tenants are aware of their current legal position. The […]