Key Advantages of Using an Independent, Local Estate Agent

Key Ways of Improving Your Property Valuation

Although commercial and residential property valuations use different criteria to come up with a final figure, there are some common denominators which can be applicable to both. Here Maunder Taylor, who provide property valuation services in Whetstone and the surrounding area in North London, look at some of the key ways of ensuring you get […]

Property Traders, Auction Prices and Market Value

How reliable are auction prices for valuations? How do property traders use the auctions? How do auctioneers use property traders? 9 Langham Court, Park Road, Twickenham is a two-bedroom flat held on a ground lease with about 12 years unexpired and was in “probate” condition in early 2022. (For comparison, Flat 11 modernised and with […]

Why You Need to Get Your Property’s Reinstatement Value Right

Why You Need to Get Your Property’s Reinstatement Value Right

Many people confuse buildings insurance with their property’s reinstatement value – which means they could be left badly out of pocket if their home or business is destroyed by fire or flooding. Here Maunder Taylor, house valuation surveyors in Potters Bar, explain the differences between the two, and how we offer insurance and valuation as […]