Residential block management applies where the owners allow tenants to become leaseholders of their own flat or room within the property. However, there are several areas which the owner or landlord is still legally responsible for.

Here Maunder Taylor, who specialise in residential block management in Hertfordshire and Niorth London, outline some of the key areas which you as owners are required to maintain – and what is the responsibility of the tenant.

The Manager’s Responsibility – Access Points

While tenants are responsible for the maintenance of their individual room or flat, the block managers must make sure they can get there safely and securely. This means you have a responsibility for making sure the stairs are well maintained, and if there is a lift, that it is in good working order. Any hallways or corridors need to be well lit. And if the block has a car park, then you need to ensure it is in a good state of repair.

All Common Areas

Anything which can be classified as being of communal use for all the residents will still be the responsibility of the block manager. So, whether it’s a foyer or entrance lobby, a communal lounge or kitchen, or – as in the case of some high-end apartments – a gym, then the you have tp make sure these are well looked after.

Building Insurance

Leaseholders and tenants need contents cover for their own possessions. However, the manager is still responsible for the main structure of the building, so you need to take out buildings insurance to cover for any fire or flood damage to the property, and other associated risks.

If residents form their own management company to look after the flats, then this is one of the extra costs they will have to take on board.

Associated Costs

The cost of maintaining all of these areas can be considerable, as you will need to employ different people – including gardeners, electricians, painters and decorators and accountants – to meet your legal responsibilities. This is usually recovered through a service charge to the leaseholders, and sometimes this can include ground rent.

What Isn’t Included

The responsibility of the tenant will vary, but generally anything within the confines of an individual flat is down to the leaseholder – including problems with the plumbing, pipework and the electrics. It’s important that landlords and tenants are both fully aware of the provisions of the lease so that no disputes arise.

Residential Block Management Services from Maunder Taylor

All this means there’s a lot for owners and landlords to take on board – so many people opt to place it in the hands of the professional managing agents like Maunder Taylor. We can look after residential blocks for all types of clients, including residents’ management companies, right to manage companies, investor landlords and freehold companies.

We focus on building up a good relationship between the owner and the tenants, acting as a central point of contact and delivering a quality service for both parties. We are accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and are also members of the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), and our property managers belong to the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM).

If you would like to know more about our residential block management services in Hertfordshire and London, follow this link. As independent London estate agents, we can also offer a range of other services, including commercial property investment, valuations, rent reviews and lease renewals.