Bruce Maunder Taylor was the court-appointed manager at Northwood Hall from June 2016 until December 2019. Bruce managed an extremely difficult and litigious situation with integrity, patience and determination and, thanks to him, the vast majority of flats now enjoy full, modern central heating, the block’s gardens look better than they have in years and the block runs smoothly on a day to day basis. Bruce is a very level-headed, experienced and capable manager, who was well-respected and liked by many at Northwood Hall.
Chair of the Recognised Tenants’ Association at Northwood Hall, a block of 194 flats in London, N6
I have instructed Bruce Maunder Taylor on a number of occasions to act as my surveyor expert in property disputes and his knowledge, pragmatism, breadth of experience and warmth and friendliness even when working under pressure, have proven invaluable to me and to my clients in the course of litigation matters.
Shahnaz Farahi, Senior Associate Solicitor, Collins Benson Goldhill LLP
The Company could not be more professional. and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Michele Hillgarth, lessee of a block of 9 flats, SW3
We are directors of a freehold company in Marylebone and every now and then there are complex legal or personality issues that are beyond the normal scope of running a building. Our go to person is Bruce Maunder Taylor. Over the years Bruce has helped us with a fight against the previous head lessor, to enable us to get control of the building. More recently he won a case for us at the Tribunal against a long-term non-payer of the service charge. Bruce is excellent at taking a case all the way through the Tribunal, as well as offering practical, resolution advice that could avoid costly and time-consuming litigation altogether. Bruce is excellent at what he does and well respected by the Tribunal. We are very comforted by the fact that we know Bruce and if there are issues down the line, we can seek his guidance.
Directors of a block of 54 flats in London, W1G