Our block of flats had a toxic and extremely difficult history due to various factors. The Maunder Taylors were appointed Managers by the Tribunal in 2014. We previously had at least 4 managing agents who resigned within a year because they were not prepared for the toxic and divisive atmosphere and the in-fighting amongst leaseholders. The exterior was completely run down due to the fact that no external repairs had taken place for a number of years. They managed to resolve long-standing problems and handled contentious issues between groups of lessees with differing views on management matters in a professional manner. Since the Maunder Taylors’ appointment as Managers, the flats have been turned around and now are a desirable place to live and invest in. their team have played a big part in turning the estate from tired looking to a place which now looks like it is well looked after. I would highly recommend them especially for difficult and contentious issues.