Totteridge estate agents Maunder Taylor are now extending their interests into some of the area’s neighbouring towns and villages – namely Barnet, Brookmans Park and Hatfield. Here we look at the history and development of these three places.


The north London borough of Barnet, which was created in 1965 from parts of Middlesex and Hertfordshire, is the 13th largest district in England, with a population of more than 380,000. As well as being one of the most populous parts of London, it is also one of the highest – the High Street (above) being 427ft (130m) above sea level.

The district also contains the town of Barnet, from which it takes its name. The correct historic name for the town is either Chipping Barnet or High Barnet. The name Barnet means land cleared by burning, indicating that the area was once densely forested.

The area benefits from excellent transport links, including High Barnet tube station, which is on the Northern line, and the A1, which runs to the west of the town. Actor Paul Freeman and film critic Mark Kermode were both born in Barnet.

Brookmans Park

The name of the area is believed to be derived from the Brokeman family, who owned one of two manor houses in the area. However, its modern development can be traced to the land from the other estate (The Gobions estate) being purchased by a building syndicate to construct a commuter village in the 1920s – not just houses, but also a golf club, hotel, and railway station.

Brookmans Park is believed to have a connection to the Miss Muffet nursery rhyme. Originally, Patience Moffat, the daughter of a local entomologist, was living on a farm in the area. While eating her curds and whey, a spider came down from the ceiling and frightened her. A poet was staying with them and, with an altered name, wrote the rhyme. This connection is still celebrated locally – a spider’s web is included in the Brookmans Park School badge.

Grant Shapps, Tory MP and Transport Secretary, lives in Brookmans Park and Everything But the Girl singer Tracey Thorn was born in the village. And former Spurs and England footballer Martin Chivers ran the Brookmans Park Hotel for more than a decade from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.

Hatfield House


This town was originally owned by the monastery of Ely and was known as Haethfeld. The Hatfield of today grew up around Hatfield House (pictured above), the ancestral seat of the Cecil family.

During the war, and up until the 199’s, the major employer in the area was the de Havilland aircraft manufacturing company (later BAe), which attracted other firms to the area and increased the housing stock. Hatfield also increased in size after it was designated a New Town following the Second World War.

This means that Hatfield has a lot of modernist architecture and open spaces, when compared to neighbouring areas. Its modern and well-serviced transport links, including the A1 (M), make it an attractive place to commute to London. Hatfield also has a thriving local economy and a population of just under 40,000, according to the last census in 2011.

Famous people from Hatfield include EastEnders actress Letitia Dean and film director Guy Ritchie, who were both born in the town. Romantic novelist Dame Barbara Cartland also lived there for many years.

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